The day starts by waking up to messages from clients saying their sites have triggered, which is always a good sign of the night ahead. This then continues all morning until my final reports come in about 1pm, which then means I can put together the list of sites that are on that night.

gritting report

Then I use our YETI Snow management system to select the sites, which operator is to do them and what service is required. The operators are then able to go into the app and see what jobs they have on for that evening. This lets them plan their afternoons accordingly which always goes down well.

Then it’s time to get the gritter out and get it loaded. Once it’s loaded, we are all good to go!


I had the pleasure of Chris Allbones joining me one night. Chris and his team at drumBEAT Marketing UK do all the marketing for Lincolnshire Gritters.

Chris said: “It was great to join Rob out on site to get a better picture of how he works for his clients so we can reflect this in the work we do for him.”

Once out and about, we headed to some newly acquired sites which require the Vale TS1200 to come out to play. Chris was taking pictures and videos all night of the gritters in action for all our social media. It’s sometimes difficult to get quality photos in the dark so having Chris here while we worked was really helpful.

After we finished with the Vale, it was time to head back to the yard and swap for the Snowex tailgate gritter.

The reason for the swap was the rest of the sites further afield are smaller. Using the Snowex just makes the job easier for manoeuvrability, and getting the job done quicker travelling from site to site. All sites require some hand gritting, so its out with the scoop and bucket to cover the areas you can’t get with the gritter

hand gritting

It definitely got colder throughout the evening and by the end of our run, there was a real bite in the air. The weather lately has been very changeable, and we seem to have lots rain making it difficult to get to sites affected by flooding.

Chris and I discussed that, while people may not notice the gritting, it’s a vital service to commercial business which allows the staff to go about their daily work life in a safe manner.

Once all sites were complete by all operators it was time to sleep and see what the next day brings.

If you’d like to know more about our winter solution and maintenance services, please get in touch here.