Of course, Winter brings along the threat of snow, ice and freezing conditions to Lincolnshire.

When homes and businesses are caught off guard, they face risks like hazardous situations, injuries, property damage and operational disruptions. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare in advance for winter weather.

In this blog, we will provide an overview of key steps property and business owners in the region should take now to get their sites, equipment, supplies and staff winter-ready. 

Inspecting Existing Snow Removal Equipment

One of the top things to focus on is making sure all that trusty equipment is in its best working condition before the winter season starts.

Service all existing equipment, thoroughly test functionality and repair or replace any tools that are worn out or damaged. Having reliable back-up equipment on hand is also highly recommended.

Inspecting Existing Snow Removal Equipment

Stockpiling Ample Ice Melt Supplies

Make sure to take stock of your de-icer products, rock salt, sand/grit and other snow clearing supplies. 

It’s a good idea to reorder well before winter hits to ensure you have enough. You’ll want to be prepared for both small snowfalls and those big heavy ones, as well as any prolonged cold snaps (And let’s be honest, living in Lincolnshire, who knows what we’ll get…)

Developing Custom Winter Maintenance Plans

Create customised winter maintenance plans outlining snow and ice clearance protocols, treatment schedules for different area types, necessary equipment, priority clearing order and emergency weather procedures. 

Clearly assign winter weather responsibilities across snow removal teams and train staff on plan execution.

Training Staff on Proper Snow and Ice Response

Make sure to provide thorough winter weather safety training to your maintenance staff and anyone involved in handling icy conditions. 

Review key topics like hazard identification, proper salting/gritting application techniques for different surfaces, safe use of all equipment, appropriate cold weather gear and other winter maintenance best practices.

Evaluating and Preparing Property Grounds

Thoroughly evaluate the property to identify potential trouble areas that are prone to excessive snow accumulation, rapid ice build-up or other winter hazards. 

To effectively tackle known risk zones, it’s important to develop targeted strategies and create visible markers to identify problem areas. This helps in keeping an eye on them and taking necessary action when needed.

Trim overhanging tree branches, bushes and vegetation to prevent excessive snow load damage during storms.

Regularly inspect drains, gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re clear of debris. This will allow for normal water drainage during heavy rain and snow.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Lincolnshire Gritters

To ensure you’re fully prepared for winter and your site is properly ready, it’s best to rely on experienced snow and ice management professionals like Lincolnshire Gritters. Our teams can take care of important aspects of winter preparation, such as:

  • Comprehensive site evaluation and risk analysis
  • Development of a tailored winter maintenance plan
  • Procurement of sufficient salt supplies for the season
  • Proactive grounds pretreatment before forecasted snow and ice events
  • 24/7 weather monitoring with real-time clearing as needed

Our teams are trained and equipped with the latest technology and premium products to help you guard against winter weather hazards. Contact us today for more information!