With the winter conditions meaning it can be difficult to get out of the house, our minds soon turn to how we’re going to feed everybody. These are a few of our favourite winter warmers that will feed the whole family!


  • Porridge / oats. Add banana, honey or whatever takes your fancy to keep it interesting.
  • Eggs on toast. Whether its fried, scrambled or poached this a filling and nutritious breakfast that’ll warm you up this winter.
  • Baked beans on toast. Great if you’re stuck in the house due to the weather and are working your way through your cupboard stock.
  • Sausage / bacon sandwiches. We advise stocking up on meat in your freezer for the times you aren’t able to leave the house. That way you’ll never be stuck for meals.
  • Bagels. Perfect for keeping in the freezer for emergencies and you can add lots of toppings to suit everybody.
  • Cheese on toast. Add your favourite sauce for a tasty winter breakfast that’ll keep you warm this winter.
  • Pancakes. Quick, easy and you can mix toppings up to suit everybody.



  • Jacket potatoes. Great for feeding small or large groups. Serve with a range of toppings. Some of our favourites are beans, cheese, tuna, chilli and Bolognese.
  • Soup. Fresh or tinned soup is a great winter meal. Our favourites are veg, potato and leek, chicken and tomato. Add a thick slice of bread and you’ll feel full for hours.
  • Cooked meat sandwiches. Slow cooked meat in a soft roll is a great winter lunch. Fantastic for busy days and a family favourite. These work with any meat so mix things up!
  • Omelette. Add your choice of fillings to suit you and the family. A healthy meal that allows you to use up the contents of the fridge! We love mushrooms, bacon and cheese in ours. Omelette is a tasty breakfast too!
  • Whatever was last nights’ tea will be great heated up for lunch the next day. We love curry, chilli and stew the next day!



  • Chilli. You can make it as spicy as you like as well as mixing up the sides to go with it. Our personal favourite is with rice, tortilla chips and a big dollop of sour cream. Chilli is also a handy one to batch cook and freeze for the days you can’t get out of the house due to bad weather. As well as this, it’s super easy to create a vegetarian chilli option with Quorn mince!
  • Spaghetti Bolognese. Add some garlic bread or dough balls and you’ve got a meal that the whole family will love. Again, great for batch cooking and freezing as well as a great vegetarian meal when you use Quorn mince!
  • Casserole. Add what you enjoy the most to your casserole. We love chicken and veg in ours. A full vegetable casserole is a great vegetarian winter warmer, or add sausages – meat or Quorn! Another meal that’s suitable for freezing to stock your winter meal stash up.
  • Lasagne. Gone are the days of your traditional lasagne. Have you tried a chicken or ham option? Seriously tasty and lower in fat. There’s plenty of vegetable lasagne options available too.
  • Stew. Perfect for feeding big families and saving a portion to freeze. You can swap ingredients to make a stew to suit you. We love beef with all the veg that needs using up!
  • Sausage and mash. A real winter favourite with us. Add some veg and gravy and you’ll feel seriously cosy this winter. Swap to Quorn sausages for any vegetarians you’re feeding or try them yourself for a lower fat option.


What are your favourite winter meals? Comment below!

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