We’re saying goodbye to the 2023-24 winter season, and our team is taking a moment to look back on the ups and downs, the wins and how we’ve all kept going strong.

It’s been a crazy season, testing our resilience in so many ways, with wild weather patterns like we’ve never seen before. But through it all, we stayed committed to keeping our community safe.

It was a Record-Breaking Season for rain…

According to the Met Office’s review of the UK’s weather, last year was the 11th wettest since they started keeping track in 1836, with a whopping 1,290mm of rain. That’s a lot of rain, even for Lincolnshire…

Plus, the 2023-24 season kicked off as the busiest start to the storm season since we began naming storms in 2015.

The winter hit us with some really cold snaps that needed quick action to keep Lincolnshire safe. With all the rain and storms, our gear and determination got tested.

Rain In Pothole

Our Ups and Downs Behind the Scenes

Even with all that wild weather, we still had some wins. Battling through the storms and endless rain, fixing things up was just part of the drill, like always… It really shows how hard our team works and how tough our gear is that we managed to sort out problems fast, keeping things running smoothly.

One of the best parts? Seeing how much our community trusts and sticks with us. Having so many repeat customers really proves how much they value our services and the strong bonds we’ve formed over the years.

Reflecting and Looking Forward

Reflecting on this season’s hurdles, it’s clear how crucial being prepared, adaptable and involved with the community is for what we do. The wild weather patterns just highlight why we need to double down on sustainable and flexible strategies to keep our businesses safe from severe conditions.

Staying innovative with how we respond to weather and improving our gritting tech is key. We’re always on the lookout for better ways to serve you.

Lincolnshire Gritters Truck With Sunrise In The Background

A Heartfelt Thank You

Reflecting on the past season, we can’t help but give a huge shoutout to the Lincolnshire community.

A big thank you to our team, clients and all the folks working behind the scenes. Your dedication and hard work haven’t gone unnoticed.

Looking ahead, we’re taking all the lessons from the 2023-24 season to heart, gearing up to be even stronger for whatever next winter throws our way. Together, we’re ready to tackle any challenge, making sure Lincolnshire stays safe and accessible, rain, snow or shine.

Now, time to repair some gritters…