As we approach Winter, there may be many things to be excited about, but this won’t stop the Winter weather from causing havoc up and down the country… 

But don’t worry, gritters won’t let that stop you from enjoying the season.

Whether it’s high winds, icy roads or severe snow, the forces of nature can creep up on us before we’ve had time to plan for them. 

Previously we’ve seen drivers stranded on motorways and people housebound for days, due to the Winter weather.

But, how do we know whether it’s going to be a light covering of snow or a full forced snowstorm that will shake things up across the nation? 

Met Office Weather Warning, Explained

The Met Office is there to issue warnings coded by colour to indicate the severity of the condition. Let’s understand what these UK weather warnings mean…

Gritters ready to tackle the ice

Yellow UK Weather Warning


The potential for severe weather conditions is higher than usual. If you see a yellow weather warning, take caution and be prepared for possible impacts over the coming days.

How to act: 

Plan your journeys and consider that there could be delays to travel and your day could be disrupted. Although, The Met Office will monitor the weather and publish the latest forecast, be aware that there is the chance of changes to the weather which could disrupt you further.

Amber UK Weather Warning


An amber weather warning means that the likelihood of severe weather affecting you is increased. Your plans may be disrupted and travel delays are likely due to road and rail closures and power issues.

How to act: 

Prepare to change your plans if necessary with an amber weather warning. This is to protect yourself, your family and others around you from the effects of severe weather. Car crashes, injuries and sometimes fatalities are all possible in severe weather.

Red UK Weather Warning


Severe and dangerous weather is expected if you haven’t already taken action, now you need to. Red weather warnings are only issued when it is likely that there will be widespread travel and power disruptions, as well as risk to life. This is a rare warning.

How to act: 

During a red weather warning, you must follow the advice of emergency services and local authorities. You must avoid travelling unless utterly essential, especially in dangerous areas. Be prepared for long-term disruption

Icy car park

Stay Updated

As the winter weather is imminent you should stay tuned for the latest updates and advice. 

The Met Office keeps us up to date through a range of platforms. Whether it’s through the radio, on the TV news, on their own website, on social media channels or through smartphone apps.

What to do Next?

Now that you know what UK weather warnings mean, you can better prepare for any severe weather that may.

If you’re worried about the Winter weather, contact us and we’ll create a Winter Maintenance Plan tailored just for you. 

We’ll help you combat the snow and ice, and keep your home or business safe all season long, combating whatever the winter throws your way!