Winter Maintenance

Find out all about Winter Maintenance, why it’s important and solutions for minimising winter related risks for you and your business.

What is Winter Maintenance?

Winter maintenance is a tailored service from 26th October – 30th April through the winter months. It is where we clear sites if there is snow fall and applying white rock salt when the ice is forecast.

We provide a reactive and proactive service 24/7, with a service time from 6pm-7am. 

Why is Winter Maintenance important?

It is important as a business owner to make sure that the staff feel safe at work. Also, by reducing the risk to staff members, it means they will be more productive which will benefit the business in the long run.

The last thing you want as a business is a huge claim from one staff member which could easily have been avoided at a fraction of the cost.

How do we know when to grit?

We get daily weather reports from Metdesk, which give us full detail for the next 24hrs. Most sites are triggered at 0 and below as standard, unless stated by the customer. All sites can be tailored to the customers specifications.

How do we apply salt?

We apply salt by state of the art machines.

  • We run a trailed Vale TS1200 Gritter for the big sites
  • Snowex tailgate Gritters and push Gritters for the smaller sites

This allows us to be able to cover a wide range of sites over a vast area, and be specific at the same time.

Is what you do different to others?

We are not a national gritting company so when you are dealing with us you are dealing direct with the business owner, Rob. This means we can apply that extra personal touch, which we believe is key.

What are the benefits of gritting salt?

Lets face it, salt isn’t fairy dust… Once applied it needs time to work. Really, salt needs applying before ice is formed reducing the freezing point of water. This way you have a better chance of no accidents occurring in the work place.

How can it help others?

All visits are logged on to our system via the YETI app which uses our smart phones’ GPS to track the operator.

If a claim is to be made against your business, we are able to download the detailed site visit if asked for evidence against any claim made.

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