Winter Solutions

Lincolnshire solutions for your winter worries.
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Lincolnshire solutions for your winter worries.

Should you need our services, a simple call to our operations team is all you need to do. Our team will come and inspect your requirements no matter how big or small the project.

Each project is tailored to your needs and to fit in with your health and safety policy. Whether you want to call us out as and when, or if you want us to monitor the weather and automatically apply the salt to the agreed area, the choice is yours.

We have experience in providing winter solutions for…

Private Property

Ensure your property remains safe from snow and ice – we offer bespoke services tailored to fit the individual site and property requirements.



Hospitals & GP Surgeries

Reducing the risk and liability posed by snow and ice on footpaths, walkways and roads by ensuring your medical building is ready for the winter.

Industrial, Retail and Office Business Parks

Don’t let your business skid to a stop! Lincolnshire Gritters offer gritting and snow clearing services for a range of local businesses.


Public Houses and Hotels

Our service helps keep your Pub or Hotel compliant with Health and Safety requirements. Get in touch with us today to get your FREE consultation.

Schools, Sports Grounds and Gymnasiums

To keep your visitors safe during the worst winter weather, you’ll want to ensure that frequently used areas are kept clear of ice and snow. Lincolnshire Gritters can support your needs.

Custom Requirements

No job is too big or small, give us a call today if you have a custom requirement you’d like to speak to us about.


For a FREE consultation, get in contact with us today!

How do we decide when to grit?

We monitor the weather conditions & forecasts using a variety of information sources such as the Met Office. A decision to commence operation is based on the forecast and predicted temperatures for a given area, especially road surface temperatures, as they can be up to 5 -7 degrees lower than air temperature

When do we start gritting?

Salt is ideally spread before roads become icy or snow starts to fall. This is known as precautionary salting. After a sub-zero temperature has been forecast we spread the salt ideally in advance of the temperature fall and freezing conditions.

Prevention of ice formation is far better practice than treating already formed ice/fallen snow.

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